Oxynow s.r.o. is dedicated to enhancing our ability to breathe, engage in physical activity, think, feel, and sleep at a higher quality. By doing so, we aim to provide ourselves with increased energy levels and a deeper sense of relaxation.


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Oxynow nasal strips are a simple and effective solution for natural relief and expansion of the nasal airways. They gently expand the nasal wings for a minimum duration of 12 hours, ensuring increased airflow of inhaled oxygen by approximately 30%. They are used during sports activities, to alleviate snoring, promote better sleep, and are suitable for pregnancy, motherhood, as well as for children in daycare or school.

Why is nose breathing important?

Nose breathing is important for several reasons:

The nasal cavity is equipped with a natural filtration system for inhaled air. This is because it contains nasal hairs that capture viruses, bacteria, or micro-particles of dust that could potentially irritate or damage the respiratory pathways.

It also houses the nasal mucosa, which moisturizes and warms the inhaled air, crucial for optimal lung function.

Nasal breathing leads to an increase in the volume of inhaled oxygen.

Our history

The journey began in January 2021 when the first idea regarding oxygen products emerged. We founded our company with a vision to make everyday life less stressful, more joyful, and energetic. To this day, we have proven to not only Oxynow users but also to ourselves that Oxynow s.r.o. is not like any other company. Hundreds of people have come into contact with Oxynow products, resulting in an epic wave... A wave of energy, deeper relaxation, freshness, and rejuvenation.

Sports have become easier, recovery faster, stressful situations no longer as daunting, and focus stronger. The past two years have shown us that our company mission is gradually being fulfilled.

  • It is to bring joy, activity, and happiness back into our World. To add something beneficial and healthy to our everyday lives. To shed light on something that has been here since the beginning of our existence. To show what truly matters the most. An activity without which we wouldn't survive more than a few minutes, yet we have started neglecting this fundamental activity and need, essentially ceasing to pay attention to it altogether.

    Our life exists solely because of oxygen, because of breath. For breath, we have developed a very specific organ located in the middle of our face. Our nose is far more vital and significant than we could have ever imagined.

Architects of Oxynow

Behind Oxynow s.r.o. stand two ordinary men, Láďa and Pavol, who look just like you, your friend, or your neighbor. We are completely ordinary with a dash of something that sprouted within us, the ability to never give up and pursue our dreams. Because we have experienced several challenging situations in our lives, we started searching for ways to overcome them with greater ease than before.

We became interested in meditation, breathwork techniques, and oxygen therapy. Then we merged our thoughts together, came up with the idea of selling oxygen cylinders, and gradually began sharing the knowledge we acquired with people. People who are just like us. And we are looking for individuals who have gone through similar issues and difficult life situations, who are interested in a healthy lifestyle and conscious breathing.


What are Oxynow nasal strips?

Oxynow nasal strips are adhesive strips for the nose designed to relieve and ease breathing, instantly opening up your nasal passages, increasing airflow by 30%, and providing relief from a congested nose.

Are Oxynow nasal strips drug free?

Yes! Oxynow nasal strips are free from chemical ingredients or medications. They are a natural way to enhance breathing.

How does the Oxynow nasal strips work?

Each of the Oxynow nasal strips is uniquely constructed with flexible "spring-like" strips that gently adhere to the area just above the opening of each nostril. As the strips attempt to return to their original shape, they gently lift the sides of the nose - instantly opening up your nose for the relief you can feel immediately.

How should I apply or remove my Oxynow nasal strips?

  • Wash your nose. The adhesive won't stick properly to wet, oily, or damp skin, so wash and dry your nose before application.

  • Place the adhesive side of the strip directly above the area where your nose widens. Gently secure the strip in place on your nose, holding for 5 seconds.

  • Take a deep breath. Better breathing starts right away.

  • After use, wash your face with warm water for 10 seconds, then gently lift both sides of the strip and remove it.

How to choose the size?

The flesh-colored one has dimensions of 66x19mm (Adult size, recommended for both men and women). The transparent one is 62x22mm (Child size, recommended for women and children).

How do Oxynow nasal strips work for a stuffy nose?

Nasal congestion, whether caused by a cold or allergies, narrows the already small nasal airway, making nasal breathing more difficult.

When using Oxynow nasal strips, they help to open and expand this airway space. As a result, it eases breathing and helps us breathe with greater relief.

Do Oxynow nasal strips help with snoring?

When you suffer from a stuffy nose, definitely! It has been proven that Oxynow nasal strips provide immediate relief for nighttime nasal congestion.

By opening up the nose for relief, you feel the effects immediately, and Oxynow nasal strips help alleviate snoring. If you suspect that your snoring is a symptom of a serious condition such as sleep apnea, consult your doctor. Oxynow nasal strips are not intended for the treatment of sleep apnea or any other respiratory problems.